Oracle Virtual Private Database is not so private!

Virtual Private Database (Oracle VPD) was introduced by Oracle in release 8i. It’s a security feature that provides access restriction at row/column level for privacy and regulatory compliance. It allows sophisticated logic to be applied through the use of custom functions in which rules can be written for fine-grained data access. If you want to know more about how it works check the official documentation.
The point of this post is that the column-level security of Oracle VPD can be easily tricked! It all started when I decided to check the new Redaction feature released with Oracle 12c. This is somehow similar to VPD but it works at a different level. I came across a very interesting article from David Litchfield that in his article demonstrates how this feature is broken and not safe at all. Well, starting from there I made my own similar investigations on VPD and got some really surprising results.

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