Partial indexing for unique indexes on Oracle 12c

With release 12c Oracle has introduced partial indexing, the possibility to define partial local indexes on partitioned table. This is an interesting feature that allows to save some space getting rid of index segments for old partitions. Let’s quickly see how this works.
First of all, when creating a partitioned table, the INDEXING property can be specified to define if we want or not to create the indexes for that partition (default value is ON unless a different default is set at table level)

This property can also be changed in a second time issuing a simple alter command

The local indexes need to be created with the option INDEXING PARTIAL otherwise they will not be affected by the INDEXING ON/OFF property set at partition/subpartition level.
There is a restriction though: local unique indexes cannot be created as partial so it’s not possible to drop partitions of a unique index. Well, this is at least what Oracle says but let’s go on.

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